What 2,677 pages of testimony unearths about Trump’s Ukraine scandal

(CNN)To President Donald Trump, the whole flap with Ukraine is over a “excellent” phone name.

“Or no longer it is in step with a single phone name of congratulations to the President of Ukraine, which they fraudulently mischaracterized to sound absolutely spoiled,” Trump talked about a pair of weeks within the past of his July 25 name with the Ukrainian President cited by a whistleblower criticism.
But a overview of additional than 2,600 pages of transcripts released this week from eight witnesses who hold testified within the Condominium impeachment inquiry over the last six weeks shows how controversy over Trump’s Ukraine policy had been brewing internal the US authorities for months. It roiled efforts to bolster a key strategic alliance after Trump enlisted his bear in mind non-public attorney to work outside current diplomatic channels in an apparent effort to bolster his reelection possibilities.
The testimony valuable aspects how top US officials were alarmed that Trump had outsourced Ukraine policy to his attorney, Rudy Giuliani, who had pushed top Ukraine officials to publicly deliver an investigation into the Bidens and to pursue a conspiracy theory that Ukraine interfered within the 2016 elections to help Democrats. Giuliani’s efforts, with give a steal to from the President, ended in the ouster of The US’s top diplomat in Ukraine, who stood in his system, while enlisting emissaries who hold since been indicted.
Moreover, the testimony shows a President gentle from the integral role Ukraine performs in US policy against Russia — nonetheless also keen in his agitation in direction of Ukraine. And the testimony of no longer less than one look links Trump to the solution to utilize in terms of $400 million in safety help for Ukraine till that nation supplied it would pursue the investigations into his political rivals.
Yet, there aloof stays one unanswered inquire of: Why used to be the help delayed by White Condominium? While there may be fats circumstantial evidence pointing the finger at the President’s wish to push Ukraine to publicly deliver a probe of his political rivals first, the White Condominium has blocked key figures — love performing chief of employees Mick Mulvaney — from testifying, and they also’ll simply shed extra gentle on the solution to utilize the help.
“It in actual fact got here as a route from the Chief of Workers’s insist of business,” talked about Fiona Hill, who used to be a top Russia adviser at the White Condominium.

Trump’s push for Ukraine to ascertain his rivals went beyond a phone name

Trump has persevered to rail on Twitter and in public on his phone name with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, calling it a “excellent” name. However the Democrats’ case now goes a long way beyond that conversation.
The officials who hold testified explained how the push for Ukraine to ascertain the President’s political opponents used to be already underway neatly ahead of the option befell and for weeks after the President educated Zelensky to ascertain the Bidens.
Hill, who used to be the former top White Condominium Russia adviser, and the Nationwide Security Council’s Ukraine expert, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, testified that the Ukrainians were on the spot on July 10 that the White Condominium meeting with Trump they were searching for used to be conditioned on opening investigations into the President’s rivals.
The message to the Ukrainians used to be delivered by US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, the officials testified, who talked about he used to be directed to be successful in so Mulvaney. White Condominium officials raised serious objections to Sondland, calling into inquire of Sondland’s bear in mind sworn testimony that then-national safety adviser John Bolton “by no technique” shared “any misgivings” with him.
Text messages was over to Condominium impeachment investigators demonstrate how the conversation with the Ukrainians about publicly announcing an investigation persevered for a number of weeks after the July 25 name. The texts demonstrate then-US special envoy Kurt Volker and Sondland encouraging Ukraine to incorporate Burisma — a Ukrainian natural gas firm where Hunter Biden sat on the board of directors.– and the 2016 election within the final public assertion at the inquire of Giuliani, even though the topic used to be at closing dropped.
But on September 1, after Ukraine had learned that the US had frozen $400 million in safety help, Sondland on the spot lawmakers — in a revision to his customary testimony this week — that he on the spot Ukrainian officials the help wouldn’t be released without the investigations.
Invoice Taylor, the head US diplomat in Ukraine, testified Sondland talked about Trump on the spot him “all the pieces” — which technique the help money and a gathering — used to be conditioned on Ukraine publicly announcing an investigation.
But Sondland did no longer testify that Trump on the spot him that, handiest that he “presumed” the help used to be linked to the investigations. He contended that he may no longer handle precisely how he learned the 2 were linked.

The flexibility of Trump’s non-public attorney

Giuliani has tried to manufacture the case that his handiest role in Ukraine used to be defending his client — Trump — and fending off attacks against him.
But that’s no longer what senior US officials were on the spot — or how the Ukrainians considered him. Time and again, Trump made definite that to handle Ukraine policy, they’d have to take care of Giuliani first, something that hamstrung their efforts to with their key ally, which is struggling with Russian aggression and desperately wished US help.
It also precipitated serious considerations among top diplomats as Giuliani used to be pushing for Ukraine to deliver investigations that can help the President politically. And after Giuliani efficiently helped to drive out US Ambassador to the Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch from the put up, a number of efforts to push Secretary of Voice Mike Pompeo to provide a assertion of give a steal to on her behalf went unanswered.
In a conversation between senior Voice first price George Kent, who used to be to blame of Ukraine policy, and Volker, Kent says Volker made definite to him that they’d deal straight with Giuliani “on fable of it used to be definite that the former mayor had have an effect on on the President in phrases of the system the president regarded as Ukraine.”
To Sondland, Trump used to be even extra blunt: “He correct help pronouncing: ‘Talk over with Rudy, search the advice of with Rudy.'”
Sondland then testified that Giuliani’s requires persevered to bag extra “insidious” from Might 23 till later when he “was aware that there may be seemingly to be a hyperlink between the White Condominium focus on to and help to the Ukraine that used to be being held up when I may no longer bag a straight acknowledge as to why the help used to be being held up.”
Vindman testified that the “different memoir” pushed by Giuliani “undermined U.S. authorities efforts to elongate cooperation with Ukraine.”
And he added that the Ukrainians were puzzled by Giuliani’s role and concerned that “it is seemingly to be undermining the consensus policy.”
“It wasn’t till that name that it was, that he used to be pulled into roughly an first price role,” Vindman added, referring to the July name where Trump educated the Ukrainian President to work with Zelensky.
Yovanovitch and others described a series of “lies” pushed by Giuliani to smear her repute and manufacture her appear disloyal to the President, nonetheless they also contended there used to be miniature that senior Voice Division officials — love Pompeo — were willing to be successful in about his efforts.
“Did any individual at the Voice Division strive and pause these efforts?” Yovanovitch used to be requested. She spoke back: “I don’t deem so, I don’t (deem) they felt they’ll simply.”
Pompeo “rolled his eyes” when discussing Giuliani and talked about: “Certain, or no longer it is something we must always take care of,” in step with Sondland’s testimony.

Profession officials: Trump-Giuliani efforts a principal breach of norms

Michael McKinley, a former senior adviser to Pompeo who has worked for 37 years within the Foreign Carrier, made definite to Condominium investigators that Voice Division officials were being broken-down “in a vogue that surely didn’t fit into any previous instance we can mediate,” referring to the efforts to specialise in a political rival thru investigations by a international nation.
He just isn’t any longer continuously by myself.
Kent used to be supposed to be to blame of Ukraine policy at the Voice Division, nonetheless he used to be sidelined. And he used to be alarmed at what he noticed.
“I wrote a display to the file pronouncing that I had considerations that there used to be an effort to birth out politically motivated prosecutions that were nefarious to the rule of thumb of regulation, both in Ukraine and the U.S,” Kent testified.
Taylor called it an “irregular, informal channel of U.S. policy making with admire to Ukraine,” referring to the efforts led by Volker, Sondland, Giuliani and Energy Secretary Rick Perry.
“Despite the indisputable truth that this irregular channel used to be neatly linked in Washington, it operated largely outside of first price diplomatic channels,” he talked about.

Trump’s obsession with Ukraine

The President’s suspicion of Ukraine dates abet to the 2016 election, resulting from baseless conspiracy theories that it used to be Ukraine, no longer Russia, that interfered within the US election.
That long-held mistrust of Ukraine fueled Trump’s glimpse of the conspiracy theories promoted by Giuliani and in conservative media that yr, which prompted him to brush off dealing with Ukraine and telling officials to declare with Giuliani about Ukraine.
“They’re all nefarious, they’re all horrifying of us,” Volker recalled Trump pronouncing at a Might 23 meeting where they impressed Trump to situation up an Oval Region of labor meeting with Zelensky. “I don’t have to spend any time with that.”
Trump’s attitude in direction of Ukraine contributed to Giuliani’s ability to hold have an effect on over US policy in Ukraine, on fable of Trump administration officials believed they wished to persuade Giuliani to sway the President.
“It began as search the advice of with Rudy,” Sondland testified.
But years ahead of Ukraine used to be thrust into the final public sphere as a scandal threatening the President with impeachment, Trump’s views on Ukraine prompted difficulty internal the Trump administration.
Trump also seized on the conspiracy that Ukraine, no longer Russia, interfered within the 2016 election, in step with the unproven declare that the Democratic Nationwide Committee server used to be in Ukraine. Trump alluded to the conspiracy theory on the July 25 name with Zelensky: “The server, they order Ukraine has it,” he talked about.
Hill explained how there used to be an effort to persuade Trump it used to be a “debunked” conspiracy theory. “We spent heaps of time” with Tom Bossert, Trump’s former fatherland safety adviser, former national safety adviser H.R. McMaster and others, Hill talked about, “attempting to refute this one within the first yr of the administration.”
“Tom and others who were working on cybersecurity laid out to the President the info referring to the interference,” she talked about. “I will’t order to any extent additional than that.”

Transcripts undercut GOP defense of Trump

The originate of the transcripts has severely advanced Republicans’ defense of Trump. That is on fable of within the non-public depositions, one look after one more knocked down one of the most core arguments that Trump and his allies were making.
The witnesses hold panned Trump’s core allegations that Biden corruptly pressured Ukrainian officials to guard his son Hunter, who used to be on the board of Burisma, and that the US ambassador to Ukraine used to be a part of the so-called “deep insist” against Trump. Some of these allegations originated from former Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko, who used to be described by Volker as “no longer credible” and by Kent as someone who used to be out for “revenge.”
The memoir Giuliani had been pushing used to be actually a sweeping “campaign of lies,” Kurt also talked about.
To this level, the inquiry has uncovered a number of definite examples of the Trump-Ukraine quid pro quo, where a White Condominium invitation and militia help were withheld while Trump’s handpicked diplomats pressured Ukraine to deliver investigations into his political rivals. It used to be established in Sondland’s testimony and textual stutter material messages from Volker — who both pressed Ukrainian officials to deliver the investigations. Various key avid gamers, at the side of Taylor, the head Russia and Europe adviser on the Nationwide Security Council Tim Morrison and Vindman, also testified that they understood there used to be a quid pro quo after listening to Trump’s name with Zelensky or discussing the topic with Sondland.
If Trump desires to continue claiming “no quid pro quo,” Democrats appear to hold the products to repeat him fallacious. Some congressional Republicans hold suggested acknowledging a quid pro quo, nonetheless staking out the insist that it did no longer upward push to the extent of an impeachable offense.
Democrats also picked up a rebuttal to Trump’s argument that he used to be handiest pressing Ukraine to ascertain the Bidens on fable of he has used to be sincerely concerned with cleaning up corruption in Ukraine. Kent testified that asking Ukraine to ascertain the Bidens “in and of itself just isn’t any longer anti-corruption.”

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