17 Issues That Truly Came about On “Riverdale” This Week


After an episode where Archie’s superhero costume become as soon as explicitly talked about and designed by Katy Keene (star of Katy Keene airing on The CW in 2020), Archie decides to system victims veritably dressed because the Murky Hood, as if that is an excellent scheme.


In precisely Archie vogue, he manages to rep pepper-sprayed all over his first foray into vigilantism. I fully bask in this for us.


Betty, who undoubtedly is over the full thing where Kevin tried to rep her LOBOTOMIZED (water under the bridge!) decides it be a upright scheme to ask her buddy who’s original out of an organ-harvesting cult to affix the FBI’s excessive school program in conjunction with her.


Truly no longer even going to rep into the full “FBI excessive school program” thing.


Fortunately town lawyer, Mary Andrews, is abet. In crime town, there are 150,000 criminals and one (1) lawyer.


Add Tucci (Gucci) to the pantheon of plentiful Riverdale “producers” admire Bean and Beluga, The Matchelorette, and American Extra.


New off of lighting a serial killer on fire, Veronica is focusing on her of us and her homework. One thing’s no longer upright here!


Hiram undoubtedly needs to rep out of reformatory, despite the truth that he proved a few weeks prior to now that he can actually rep out of reformatory on every occasion he needs. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Also, Veronica commits a minimum of three crimes this episode, including bribing the Governor AGAIN. She’s a foul person. Sorry, nevertheless fair.


Whereas there become as soon as no corpse Jason this week, there become as soon as one thing almost as tragic: Sad Pop Tate.


When Pop Tate is sad, I’M SAD.


At FBI membership, Betty veritably takes a BuzzFeed quiz known as “Which One Of These Creeps Is A Serial Killer?” which reconfirms to her that she does, truly, own the SERIAL KILLER GENES.



ANYWAY, transferring on. The fair star of this episode is glum Caramel the cat. This yell their own praises has confirmed somewhat a few fucked up shit over time, nevertheless a technique or the opposite exhibiting teeny Betty Cooper with this rock managed to horrify me to my core.


Kevin DID fully elevate for the lobotomy thing by convincing Betty she’s if fact be told no longer a cat assassin. ~ Friendship ~.


Me, when anyone asks my popular function of M&Ms:


Sorry, I fair needed to.


We meet Hiram’s other daughter, Hermosa. The Inns own accomplished for “H” names what the Kardashians did for “Okay” names.


Veronica furthermore learns a no longer easy lesson that you just mustn’t seek recommendation from federal prosecutors about extortion in public places. I, in my scheme, can’t talk shit about my chums despite the truth that I’m in a Starbucks in the path of Kentucky, without taking a look spherical to make certain that they achieve no longer seem like there first.


I’m no longer being facetious after I suppose I develop no longer own any scheme what’s going on with Archie and the youngsters and the gymnasium and “Dodger”. I undoubtedly develop no longer own any scheme what’s going on. I cannot conform to it. I develop no longer own the Vigilante genes. All I know is that Archie held a press conference for some reason????


World’s dumbest press conference. I become as soon as thrilled to envision Alice abet in only reporter function, even though.


Also, I’m sick of Jughead being at Stonewall Prep. His whole space this week enthusiastic the Baxter Brothers e book series (aka Hardy Boys) — an fully lifestyles-defining thing about him and his character that we are greatest studying about NOW — and studying that his grandfather become as soon as an creator.


This appeared as if it would possibly perchance be environment up many of the long term episodes nevertheless if I own to preserve staring at Brett Weston Wallace’s tiresome, hot, pass face, I’m gonna snap.


Betty, who’s if fact be told smarter than any adult on this yell their own praises, hasty comes to comprehend her brother Charles is sketchy as hell and now she’s going to desire him down. God bless Elizabeth Cooper.


She furthermore learns Charles has the GENES, which is puzzling since he is just not any longer even biologically connected to Hal, the genuine serial killer of the fam.


Within the second press conference of the episode, Hiram will get out of reformatory and proclaims he is working for mayor of Riverdale.


Holy hell, I’ve by no system seen so unheard of point of interest on the mayoral whisk of a tiny town in my lifestyles. On that imprint, who’s even the mayor of Riverdale upright now???


Oh, certain, and finally the episode ends with the flash-ahead all over again, with Veronica, Archie, and Betty getting arrested for JUGHEAD’S MURDER.


This comes upright after Jughead is assigned a “finest abolish” writing distress at school, so I’m willing to wager here’s all an account for ruse crafted by our generation’s finest literary tips, Jughead Jones aka Forsythe, the third.


My eternally Riverdale mood:



Let me preface this by announcing this yell their own praises has broken my mind, because despite weeks of mocking Cheryl and her obsession with corpse Jason, I found myself inexplicably yearning for scenes with them. Fortunately it looks admire we’re getting PLENTY of it subsequent week:


Presumably I own the MAOA serial killer genes? However a technique or the opposite, the Serial Killer Genes episode appeared as if it would possibly perchance own less going on than the closing two episodes. Per chance the Riverdale I if fact be told crave is one with rockets and Jingle Jangle and corpses. How is JJ doing, even though? What’s he wearing? What does his hair derive out about admire? Lend a hand me.

And that’s the reason all I’ve received! Search you subsequent week!

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